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Our products guarantee optimum safety.

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Safety, longevity, design, durability and minimum maintenance.

Optimal fall absorption under playground equipment, heavy dumbbells on floors or fragile roofing.

Our products guarantee optimum safety. And are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. By working especially with high quality recycled material, we can deliver maximum quality with a minimal footprint. Our products are easy to clean.

HIC measurements
(headinjury criterion)

In order to guarantee optimal fall absorption, play floors must comply with the 1000 HIC standard (standard EN1177). Even when it is extremely hot or cold outside. We test this with calibrated HIC meters.
On request we can visit you for a free HIC meter test. After many years of use our playground floors will still meet the standard of max HIC 1000. 


SofSurfaces provides manufacturer's warranty.

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